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Growing at a Fast Rate!

We here at KLAI are growing at a much faster rate than anticipate! that means one of two things: 1) Y’all like the station and the content we are providing. 2) You‘re all bots working for SkyNet and searching too hard for John Conner! I‘m hoping it’s the first of those two scenarios. We are still looking for those interested in advertising with us to help promote their business or cause. If you or someone you know could benefit for advertising visit the advertising tab on our website and follow the instructions on the form. We are also planning our summer concert tours, with COVID numbers going down, vaccination numbers increasing, and restrictions easing in most of the country everybody is ready to get back out there and enjoy live music! Since the New Braunfels and Austin area are home to some of the best venues in the country we plan on getting involved with as many local and new artists as possible and showcasing some talents on our nightly shows. If you or anybody you know is interested have them contact us through our contact page here on! We are always looking for new talent in genre (although rock and metal is prefer, we cater to all kinds of tastes in music).

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